Sunday, June 9, 2013

Busy Weekends!

Whooee! What a busy couple of weekends! Last Friday we had our weekly trip to the Farmer's Market, a Critical Mass Bike Ride through town, and a fun costume beach party where I took my annual May dip in the lake. It was so much fun to hang out on the beach with the bonfire and sauna. On Saturday we went to the Historic Park for the opening and Best Dressed Victorian contest. Kesten and I cleaned up! I won a necklace and giant Toblerone and Kesten won a Slip-N-Slide! Sunday we picked dandelions for our next batch of wine and then I went for a mountain bike ride on the trails for the first time since moving here. It was glorious! I went with a forester and she knows all about the plants here, so we took lots of plant breaks. Right up my alley!

My wheat is growing well! The stuff on the right I planted earlier and it is doing the best.
Our strawberry plants are huge!
The quinoa is doing really well too. Everyday it is looking bigger.
This week we did part 2 of the dandelion wine making, the most labour intensive part. We strained out the blossoms, and added the rind and juice of 20 lemons and 20 oranges, 20 pounds of sugar, and the yeast. Whew!
Yesterday, I took the chicks out for a little field trip while I cleaned out their brooder. The older chicks weren't sure what to make of those little interlopers.
 These little chicks are almost 3 weeks old and at their most awkward stage. So far, I think one of them is a rooster, will see what the final tally will be!
 And look what I made! I am so proud of it! I whipped it up last night from some plans I found online. It took about 3 hours to make. I was so nervous to attempt a woodworking project of this scale alone, but I think it turned out great! I still have to sand it and stain it, but I hope it will be done for Kesten's birthday party in a couple of weeks.


  1. Wow ! Those are busy weekends!!! Congratulations on the costuming win - very nice! And lovely job you did on the table. Goodness you can do anything you set your mind to do - what a talented lady!

    Love your chickie progress - so cute. And your garden is looking very good. Congratulations on everything!

  2. You table looks fabulous, how talented you are.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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