Wednesday, June 26, 2013

In the Garden

The garden is coming along nicely. I feel like it is going to be successful for the first time since moving up here. We ate kale from our garden with our dinner tonight and the lettuce is ready as well.
Below is my quinoa growing its seed head.
More Quinoa close ups. It almost looks like the seeds are growing in a spiral around the stalk.
I can see the Purple Peacock broccoli starting to form florets.
Wheat is such a beautiful looking plant.
Have you ever eaten squash flowers? I had them fried up in Mexico when I lived down there. It is one of the best meals I have ever eaten.
The tomatoes are coming along nicely with lots of flowers.
Strawberries are ripening...
Pansies are prolific...
...And the chicken coop garden is a jungle!
Jammed full! Kale and lettuce, peas and onions, lavender and oregano, sunflowers, marigold, calendula, and rudbeckia! Things are growing well!
How is your garden growing? Are you experimenting with anything new this year?

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