Sunday, June 16, 2013

June, Unpredictable June

What weather! Rainy, sun, rainy, sun, storm, sun! Although, more rain than sun lately! But we have been making the most of it. We got the back porch all gated in and added boards under the railings as the gaps would have allowed an adult to crawl under them, let alone a baby! Kesten now has free reign of the porch and is really loving it. Soon we'll paint the deck and maybe one day get rid of the weird green carpet...
 Last night we used the picnic table for the first time.
 Kesten christened it by smearing yogurt into the table.
 I was very excited to try my new clothesline that the neighbour gave me. Unfortunately I was a little too optimistic and ended up pulling all the clothes back down after half an hour.
 My boy is enjoying the outdoors so much. It is so nice for both of us to have time to play outside each day.
What has been keeping you busy lately?

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  1. We're having weird weather down here too. I love your big porch and your lovely table. you are so energetic and productive! It's nice to have a clothesline isn't it? I miss ours.

    Kesten is such a cutie and what a head of hair!!!!


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