Wednesday, July 31, 2013

An Ode to Public Libraries in the Summer

I love Public Libraries. There's something about walking into a cool library in the dog days of Summer, welcomed by the smell of books and the sounds of the Summer Reading Club, that always makes me feel nostalgic. It reminds me of the seemingly endless days of Summer holidays as a kid, making trips to the library to check out new chapter books to read by the lake or in front of the fan to beat the heat. I loved immersing myself in a new world, becoming a new character, going on new adventures. My imagination craved these literary escapes and the library was always there to provide them.
As an adult, I still enjoy the world of novels, but I love even more to check out books on living sustainably, farming, and obscure crafts. There is a whole world of knowledge to discover at the library.
We stopped in at our library today. I browsed through the non-fiction, placed a hold on a new book, and read stories to my son in the children's section. We chatted with the librarians and Kesten dragged one of them around the library, showing off his new walking skills and crawling under shelves. Children were gathered upstairs, talking about the books they read this week for Summer Reading Club, and people from town were using the internet downstairs. Someone was in the corner reading a paper. What a great place. There is community in the library. Have you stopped by your local library yet this Summer?


  1. I enjoy going to the library too.. hopefully they'll be around a long time even in this digital age. I am downloading books more often now though. I never thought that would happen!

    1. It seems like they are evolving with the times. They have a great selection of digital books available too. But I hope there will always be a demand for the real deal. Just something about turning pages-call me old fashioned! haha


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