Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July Long Weekend

Happy belated long weekend to my fellow Canadians! We celebrated Canada Day on Monday (Dominion Day in Barkerville!) Kesten's Grandparents came up for a visit (bringing a bunch more birthday presents) and then we headed off to Barkerville for a camping trip.

Kesten loved all his new presents. What a spoiled little guy!
 He loved helping me build his new table and chairs- using his new tool set :)
 Before we left town, we headed to the beach for an evening picnic. The weather was hot, the water was fine, and the sand was welcoming.
 We got rocked by the waves as we sat in the boat on the shore.
 Kesten enjoyed pouring sand on us as we soaked up the evening rays.

 Next we headed off to Barkervile. Barkerville is an old ghost town that was home to the big goldrush on Williams Creek in BC. Today, it is opened to tourists, with costumed actors bringing the town to life again. We poked around the old buildings, listened to some very interesting talks, and watched various Dominion Day games and activities. We even walked up to the old courthouse, where "Judge Begbie" (The Hanging Judge) was holding court. We got 'yelled' at for entering late and were forced to do jury duty. Haha, it was pretty funny.
 What wild times it must have been during those goldrush years. Gold does funny things to people.
 Monday night we had a WILD storm while we were camping. Something about being in a tent during thunder, lightning, fierce hail and wind makes you feel so vulnerable! But we made it through and Kesten pretty much slept through it all. It was very exciting!

Back at home, we are trying to settle back into the groove of things. Kesten is enjoying being back with all his new toys. He loves to sit and eat at his new table. It is perfectly Kesten-sized.
 The peas exploded in the garden while we were away! They are full of blossoms which will hopefully be followed by peas in a few days. (We also bought a weed whacker on our way home, so I am looking forward to getting our garden looking a little less wild around the edges!)
These peas are so amazing! They are an edible snow pea called Carouby de Mausanne Snow Pea, but they have all the beauty of a sweet pea. I haven't tried the actually peas yet, but I'm sold! I'll be growing these again. Edible and decorative, 2 for 1!
 Some of my purple peacock broccoli is ready for picking and eating now. What beautiful colours! (And don't you love my new plate from Barkerville?) We ate our first zucchini from our garden last night. It was delicious! It was shaped like a bottle because I cross-polinated it with my pumpkin as no male flowers were open on the zucchini yet, haha. My wheat is at least waist height and looks like an ocean wave when it blows in the wind. It has been a fun experiment so far.
Tell me what you have been up to this summer! How does your garden grow? Attach links in the comments if you want us to check out your gardens and Summer fun!

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  1. Oh goodness I haven't been to Barkerville since I was a kid, we used to go all the time when we lived in Prince George. Some of my salad greens bolted but I have collection of salad that is doing very well. Yes I will have to get some photos. I too was a way and then busy since I've been back and now it looks like there's going to be a thunderstorm so I will not be taking my camera outside!


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