Thursday, July 25, 2013

What's Been Happening Here

Sine I last wrote:

* I cut off 17 inches of my hair (and donated it)

(I like it so much better right now)
*I've gone for some bike rides
*I've jumped in the lake nearly every day
*My wheat is starting to turn golden
*My peas are producing like wild and I've had to freeze three bags so far
*Kesten and I went berry picking yesterday and I almost have enough wild raspberries to make jam
*We're still getting over our colds
*I've started a new book "The Secret Keeper" by Kate Morton
*I might have heard an attempted crow coming from the chicken coop...
*I had my birthday! Last year in my twenties...
*I've been bitten by so many blackflies that I feel I need a blood transfusion
*I've been wishing I had more time to be crafty, but that will come with Winter (I hope)

What has your Summer been like so far? Are you making the most of it?


  1. Cool another Leo! Happy belated birthday! Sounds like you're a very busy lady!
    17" of hair is quite a lot - it sure feels weird when you cut so much of it off- do you find yourself trying ti flick it off your neck and the realizing it isn't there?
    Get well soon- you and Kesten too!

    1. Actually, I'm a cancer (just before the cut-off date). Haha, I always use too much shampoo now. It is a hard habit to break!

    2. I'm just after the cut-off - july 23rd - some say that's a cancer, I ignore them, I'm a Leo through and through!

      Oh yes I forgot about the extra shampoo! You're smart, you'll remember soon!

  2. Are you still doing your temperature scarf? Is there lots of pink on it right now?

    1. Oh man! I have a lot of catching up to do on my scarf. But there has been a bit of pink but lots of red!

    2. Oh goodness! Can you catch up? That'll be interesting anyway, don't forget about it, I'm anxious to see the finished project.

    3. I'm catching up! I've finished May and working on June now. Whew.

  3. You look great! I like it.
    I have also my last year in my twenties.
    I have also no time in the sommer to do creative things. Every day i'm in the garden with my family and do garden work. But I Love it!

    1. Thanks!
      I looked at the pictures on your blog, your garden looks great! I love gardening, but it is nice to have a break in Winter to do crafty things!


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