Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August Here and There

Life is good and full and here are some things we have enjoyed in August:

Rhubarb Black Bird Pie
Wild berry breakfasts!
Our little chickens
Blooming sunflowers-my favourite!
Wobbly walking
Peek-a-boo sunflowers

And our first tomatoes!
After Kesten and I ate our first tomato, we found a children's book by the same name. I love the description in there:
A ruby red tomato is hanging on the vine.
If my mother didn't want it, the tomato would be mine.
It smells of rain and steamy earth and hot June sun.
In the whole tomato garden it's the only ripe one.

-First Tomato
by Rosemary Wells

Our tomatoes feel like such a treat because they are hard to grow in this Northern climate. Where we used to live, we would have an overabundance of tomatoes all Summer long, but here we savour each one that manages to ripen.

And now that the first frost is drawing very near, The first frost was last night, we are savouring all the bits and pieces of August that we have left.


  1. Lovely photos as always. How soon will you have frost? So nice that you could enjoy your tomato - for us we have frost free days and fairly good weather but if we get too much rain they split and then the slugs are the only ones enjoying them.

    Your pie looks lovely! I am sure it was lovely

    1. We had our first frost last night! Luckily I was ready for it and covered everything, so I am hoping there was very little damage. Often we will get a frost in August and then not another one until the end of September, so if you can get your plants through that first one, you should be good for awhile.

    2. Wow I just can't imagine frost in August. Interesting that it holds off until September - you must get a really nice "indian summer" (do we still call it that?) Glad to hear you were ready, nothings worse that being surprised by that kind of thing. I hope everything was okay


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