Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August in the Garden

ACK! The chicken coop jungle! I planted way too many peas and they took over everything, knocking down structures and pulling down plants.  I can't even keep up with picking them anymore and so many have gone to seed. Oh well. I still have lots of lettuce and onions and herbs in there.
 I've got lots of tomatoes growing, but no ripe ones yet!
 The back garden area.
 The Blue Tinge Ethiopian Wheat is just about ripe. It is in the hard dough stage. I will be harvesting this week, I think!
 The Chinook Wheat too, is at the same stage.
 I love how beautiful it looks.

 Two new raised beds have been added and we'll have to fill them with compost and soil. The one in the foreground is from our old clothesline pole that fell down and will have strawberries planted in it from all the runners our berries have put out.
 The strawberries have slowed down the berry production now, but we're still getting a few here and there. Our most successful year yet.
 They have been hard at work sending out runners. Look at this bed when we first planted it last year. And even at the beginning of this year.

Quinoa. I'm not sure it will ripen before the frost. I'll have to start it earlier next year.

 Purple Peacock Broccoli. Just about all done now.

 Onions. They've done well, considering they were planted in Spring. The garlic, not so much. But I still got garlic from them.
 Apples, I can almost start making pies!
 Oh dear, I feel like such an intruder!
 Just back away slowly...


  1. You've got quite the little urban farm going there :)

  2. You have a lot of energy! Congratulations on your green thumbs. That's the most compact strawberry patch I think I've ever seen - they must be really happy there!


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