Monday, October 28, 2013

The Rest of October

October has flown by with hardly a blog post by me. What a month it has been. We've had beautiful weather with some nice warm days and no snow. The best October weather since we have moved here! But the snow is looming and this morning it was nearly -10c. We had a few days of thick fog which chilled the air and made us feel claustrophobic. But the sun and blue sky are back, even if it is chilly.

We have been battling the cold season here. As soon as we get better from one cold, we're on to the next one. To pass the time in between we have been taking walks.
 This log at the lake really holds Kesten's interest. We've made several trips here and Kesten stays completely absorbed in the log, pulling apart the rotting wood and poking it with sticks and climbing on top of it.
 This morning we pulled out his new snowsuit to try on, after seeing snow in the forecast for this week. I'm pretty sure he has no memory of snow. I wonder what he will think of it this year?
 Poor runny nose. We like to call it "elevens."
 He got the balloon at the Children's Festival yesterday in town. He had so much fun there and the highlight was the bouncy castle. He kept begging to go on, but they wouldn't let him on because he was too little and the older kids would flatten him. Finally he got to go on with a few other little toddlers and the grin on his face was priceless.
Earlier this month we travelled down south to see our family for Thanksgiving. Kesten and Parker were little monkeys and had a lot of fun together (I think!).  It is nice that they are so close in age. In a few years that 6 month gap will seem like nothing!
 And at Thanksgiving dinner, Kesten confirmed his love for olives, demanding more every time his tray was empty. This kid has unusual tastes for a little one.
And that's about it. I have had no energy or inspiration for doing any crafts lately, but I am hoping that will come back with the snow. And it is just a few more days until Halloween, one of our favourite holidays! Pumpkin carving and decorating will take place this week, along with candy guzzling! Have a good one.


  1. I had a friend who's daughter loved olives but she felt it was because she ate a lot of them when she was pregnant with her daughter - similar for you? My stepson's six months old than his cousin, you're right, they do seem to be close in some things but they're a grade apart and that seems to make more of a different. Two of my nieces are 6 months apart but in the same grade and they are very close - maybe because they were in the same classes or maybe because they were girls?
    Hope your colds are all gone now.

  2. I didn't eat a lot of olives when I was pregnant, but my husband has always loved olives, ever since he was little. He used to get a jar of olives in his stocking for Christmas and eat the whole thing in one sitting. I think Kesten just inherited that love for olives.
    Kesten and his cousin will be in the same grade, so that will help them seem even closer in age, although they will likely not get to see each other more than once or twice a year, since we live so far apart! My older sister's boy is born the day after Keten, one year apart! Lot's of close birthdays. Also my younger sister and I are both pregnant and due within 3 days of each other! We like to keep things close in this family. Haha.


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