Thursday, December 12, 2013

Now It Is Winter

 Nothing says Winter like fresh baked bread and newly fallen snow.
 We finally got a dump of snow last night and Kesten and I headed out into the woods for a hike.
 It always looks like Narnia to me.
 We spied about 7 or 8 wasp nests in the trees.

The snow is coming down again and we are finally adding some inches to our measly cover. Soon cross country skiing!


  1. Beautiful snow pictures.. the bread looks good too!

    1. Thanks! I just wish we could get over a foot of snow to make everything fresh for skiing. This is the least amount of snow we have ever had at this time of year. Very odd!

  2. Oh how lovely! What a wonderful place to live and raise your children! I bet that bread smelled really nice too!


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