Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Review of My 2013 Goals

I have yet to think up my goals for this coming year, so in the mean time, I'll review how well I did with my goals from last year.

I made the run bigger and the surrounding garden. 
1. Expand the chicken coop and the chicken coop garden. I want a bigger run so that I can have maybe 4 or so chickens this year. More mouths to feed=more eggs needed! Also, I want to expand the garden around it, as it remains the most productive garden in our yard. I like that it is a mixture of flowers and  vegetables and herbs. Edible and ornamental!

I got to use my incubator 3 times (twice for myself) and raised 11 chicks (only 3 of whom were hens). I now have three lovely hens in the backyard (only two who lay, the other one never has so far!)

2. Hatch some chicks and raise more chickens.

I made loads and loads of jam this year! Rosehip jelly, mango chutney, dandelion petal jelly, wild raspberry jam, huckleberry jam, plum jam, and nectarine jam! I also made some sauerkraut and spaghetti sauce, and froze some vegetables from the garden.

3. Make some jam again! Last Summer I didn't end up making any, being too busy with our new baby and we have missed it all year! So this year I want to make my annual batch of nectarine jam, plus jams from local wild berries.

Mostly Accomplished
I made some dandelion syrup and dandelion petal jelly, but I had had plans to make dandelion cake and dandelion pancakes which I ran out of time for.
4.  I'd like to try making more dandelion recipes (I just ordered a book, Edible Garden Weeds of Canada !)

I did get to drink some of my wine with various visitors this past year (but I had to cut that short when I got pregnant in August :). I also made another batch this Summer, which is still fermenting.
5. Drink some Dandelion Wine. I hope it turns out! I might try making another batch of it this year if it tastes any good!

I successfully grew two varieties of wheat, harvested it and have threshed about 3/4. I still need to finish that and grind it into flour, hopefully before the new baby gets here!
6. The big project of the year: Grow some wheat!

We headed out East and learned the art of maple syrup making from a true master. It was a wonderful experience! You can read about it here.
 7. Head out East to make some maple syrup. Isn't this a beautiful graphic?

Failed Horribly!
So, sad story here. Haha. I was diligently working away on my scarf, but getting more and more behind. Then I decided to use the history on the Weather Network to fill in all the temperatures I didn't record, from about March onwards. So I was working away at it, knitting the Summer months, writing down the temperatures for August, when I noticed that the lows were not getting anywhere close to the frosty temperatures we had been getting. Then I noticed the small print. I had been knitting the temperatures for Pearson Airport in Toronto, across the country, because the Weather Network didn't have the temperature history for our small town. They decided to put the temperature for a city 4 provinces away instead. So now I am not sure what to do. There is no recorded temperature history for our small town. Should I finish the year for Toronto? Should I give up and start again fresh this year? Although I know with a newborn and a toddler I won't have time to knit it everyday and I will likely forget to record the temperature... Oh dear. I feel that as the creator of this project, I should have made a scarf! haha. Oh dear, I am still deciding on what to do.
8. Knit my temperature scarf! (Sorry I can't get the image to flip, it is being very stubborn!) Everyday, I will knit one row in the colour corresponding to the day's high temperature (rounded to the nearest 5 degrees). At the end of the year, I should have a very colourful record of our temperatures. It will be neat to see!

And there we have it! On the whole, not too shabby. 


  1. Remarkable!! You've done so many things this year along with raising a toddler. Just a thought regarding your temperature scarf. Why not jut do a weekly average and do five rows? You would still have 52 weeks so there would be a variety of colour, but I'd expect it would be easier to just do a week's worth in one sitting rather than having to change colours sometimes daily. What do you think?

    1. That's a good idea, T. But I'm not so much worried about the knitting, as I am about remembering to record the daily temperatures, since there are no records kept.

  2. Good job on everything Kris, I don't know how you fit it all in! Not to worry about the scarf, unless you really want to finish it.. or you could send it to the knitting graveyard. Mine's in the corner of the den!

    1. Thanks! Yes, the scarf is quite an undertaking. Maybe I'll attempt it again some year.


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