Thursday, January 9, 2014

January Snows

I used to really dread Winter. I think there is some primal fear that nags at us when the light starts fading and the days get colder. Will we make it through? Will it ever be warm and light again? And while there is still that old residual feeling, I am finding more and more that I am loving Winter and embracing it, like the rest of the year. It helps to have the right warm clothes and a newly discovered love for Winter sports and activities. And it helps to choose to like it. When you live in the North, our Winters give you a spirit of adventure. It's what sets us apart. It's also wonderful to watch my little boy enjoy it (never mind the amount of time it takes to get us both bundled up!) And another plus is that there is more downtime in the Winter, time to recharge, do crafts, snuggle up to watch movies (or Dr.Who!), read, and take naps. So all in all, I will no longer look upon Winter as a lost or wasted time of year, but I will embrace and enjoy it!

Like today! Mount Pope lit up beautifully this morning for a few minutes while we enjoyed our breakfast.
 Next we headed out for a snowshoe in the woods. I used my husband's snowshoes (since he is at work) and Kesten had to keep reminding me! "Dada's, Dada's!" What a nice difference it is to snowshoe with modern snowshoes, as opposed to the old wood and sinew ones that I used growing up! They don't have the same romantic quality that the old ones do, but you can't beat the mobility.
 I pulled Kesten behind me in his sled, as I stomped along.

 The freshly fallen snow on the trees made tunnels over the trail.
 We had to duck low under several spots just to get through the tunnels.
 We had fun looking for different animal tracks. Deer and rabbit tracks were in abundance. With all the tracks over the trail, it makes me think that the animals break out into a party as soon as we are out of sight!
That was our morning. We went out for a beautiful cross-country ski on the weekend and we have been going skating on the outdoor rink. Just a couple of things that make Winter fun for me.

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  1. Lovely Kris - I used to hate January but now I really enjoy it after all the hubbub of Christmas. It's a good time to get caught up on other stuff that's been set aside. I used to think everything looked so dead in winter but of course it's only resting (like us!) until spring when it will all burst to life again!


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