Sunday, January 19, 2014

Some Randomness

I have at least three recurring dream themes that get repeated often. One of these themes occurs in late winter/early spring. I always dream that I go swimming in a lake or ocean and it is unseasonable warm. These dreams are so great, like a mini vacation into summer. The second dream theme involves me returning to the place in Mexico where I lived for 6 months to see all my friends and the children from the orphanage (who are now teenagers!). The third dream involves me seeing a whale, often an Orca. The scene and scenario are always different, but the theme remains the same. It is such a thrilling dream and I am always disappointed when I wake up that it did not actually happen. I just really want to see an Orca in the wild. I've seen them in aquariums, and I've seen grey whales, dolphins, and even porpoises in the wild, but the Orca just seems to haunt my dreams. Do you have any recurring dream themes?

In other news, I've sewn a quilt top for the new baby, which my mom is going to sew a border and backing to. The theme of the room is yellow and dark browns. It is looking lovely so far!
 Kesten and I have been keen on finding animal tracks and identifying them in our book (which has become a favourite of Kesten's). This was a particularly HUGE track (just smaller than my outstretched hand) and although there are no visible claw marks, we think they are the tracks of our local wolf-dog. We just need some fresh snow now, so that we can do more tracking in the woods!
 And lastly, we've all been tired. Kesten actually fell asleep giving me a hug yesterday and I let him nap in my bed for a bit.
Now I should really consider going to bed early tonight. I'm far too tired, but sometimes that time to myself after the baby is in bed is just not enough.  Sigh.


  1. How fun finding tracks - all I ever see is cats, dogs and bird tracks - luckily this time of year the coyote and bear aren't around.
    The quilt top is lovely - I love the colours! Gorgeous. Always go to bed early, you'll be happier in the morning :-)

  2. Thanks!
    Argh, I always try to go to bed early, but by the time I am done everything, it is already 10:30.


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