Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Snowshoe to the Waterfall

It was a beautiful day for a snowshoe! I headed out on the lake with my friend Lisa, who generously offered to pull Kesten in the chariot. Sheltered from the wind by Mt. Pope, we could see "snow tornadoes" being whipped up on the ice further out. On the way, Lisa spotted some grouse on the hillside. One flew away before I got a shot, but here is the other one. Can you spot him? I have no idea how Lisa saw them.
 We passed the T-Caves on the way. It was only my second time out this way, the last time was when I was pregnant with Kesten. Look at that sky!
 A little further along we saw otter tracks in the snow! How cool! They slide along on their bellies and and then bound a few steps and slide some more. We followed the tracks back to their source at the waterfall.
 Right by the waterfall is a tiny little ice cave opening, formed in the ice that builds up along the shore. It looks like the otters have been hanging out in this cave. I don't blame them, it looks like such a cool place.
 An inside view of the cave. Look at the otter tracks in the snow and the rocks that have been picked up in the ice wall from the beach.
 The waterfall had actual water cascading down the sides. I was expecting it to be all frozen!
 Kesten enjoyed breaking off icicles. He got pretty mad when it was time to go.

 On our drive back home, a mule deer crossed in front of us and posed for this picture. Kesten calls all the animals in the deer family "moose."
How invigorating to be out in the fresh air and sunshine! I needed that!


  1. That looks like so much fun! What a wild and gorgeous place- is that a river or a lake? Otter tracks- who knew? Are you going to add it to your book?

  2. Gorgeous skies and weather. What a beautiful place you get to live in! I am so envious!


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