Sunday, February 2, 2014

And Now it is February!

Yikes! I am so looking forward to not being pregnant anymore, while at the same time being very apprehensive of what will come when I have two little ones to look after! Just 3 months and a bit left. Yikes, yikes, yikes! In anticipation of having no time to myself anymore, I have been going overboard on projects. I am currently in the process of making a book of Northern Animals that I will be self-publishing through It has been so much fun so far to learn about all these animals and to talk to so many people about them. Also, it has been great to dust off the old paintbrushes and get back into painting. It had been too long! I've also put together a book on blurb of all my alphabet paintings that I did over the course of five years. It will be nice to have them in book form to flip through with Kesten.

Some of my Northern Animal paintings:

And here are some paintings from my alphabet series, made a few years ago:


And here is a print I did last night using acrylics but treating them like watercolours:
I thought it would be fun to do another little book project in the same style as the above picture, but on each page would be a different edible plant from the area along with the uses for that plant. Hmmm, maybe! So many projects on the go! And when I haven't been painting lately, I've been going for snowshoe excursions in the forest. I love following all the animal tracks. I've found a mule deer highway, that leads to this beautiful aspen grove next to a little spruce forest. And I've found a place where the moose hangout and eat bark and highbush cranberries! I'm collecting photos of the various animal tracks I find, and so far I've got wolf, moose, deer, snowshoe hare, vole, and squirrel. No actual animal sightings though :( (Unless you count the moose that ran away from us as we went cross-country skiing last weekend). I wonder how long my growing belly will let me keep going on these fun excursions? It is getting very hard to stuff it into my Winter coat and we are having very cold temperatures lately (between -15 and -20c). Ack! Spring better come soon, or I'll be a prisoner inside.

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  1. Very cool! You are such a talented painter- it is almost like you could reach out and touch your paintings! Wow- the books sound great- I love the idea of a footprint guide- I would buy one!!


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