Friday, February 21, 2014

This and That

Remember back in November when I harvested a bunch of willows for weaving? Ya, I didn't really remember either. Every once in awhile I would look out on the front porch where they were sitting and think, "Oh right! I should get to that!" Well a few weeks ago I finally did. I wanted to make a laundry hamper with an "open-weave" type body. Well, it is finished and it looks a little rustic! haha But I think it will serve its purpose. My husband thinks it looks like a prop for the Robin Hood movie or something. I'd have to agree. 
 Last night I finished sewing a liner for the basket.
 And here it is in the new baby's room. The room is coming together more and more. And my pre-baby #2 list is shrinking. Laundry basket? Check. Baseboards in baby's room? Check.
 After a lovely chicken talk today, I decided to post a couple of pictures of the ladies. They are handling this winter like champs. Three eggs a day! And now that I am over the nausea of early pregnancy, we are actually keeping up quite well with the egg production. It is a lovely addition to our diet and we are thoroughly enjoying our frittatas, quiches, fried egg sandwiches, scrambled eggs....
 Eggatha has her neck stretched out in this picture, and Eggwina is behind (Those are my Gold Laced Wyandottes). Peabody is the one mooning the camera (she is an Australorp/Ameraucana).
Well, for once I am not looking forward to the end of winter. This has been a most enjoyable winter, probably because of my new found passion for snowshoeing and tracking animal prints. I'll miss it when the snow goes!


  1. Your chickens are beautiful! Still trying to talk Dan into them!

    1. Thanks Cat! They really are worth it. Hardly any work on a day to day basis. And so much fun to watch! Not to mention the awesome manure and eggs that you get from them!


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