Sunday, February 9, 2014

Trumpeter Swans

With our mild January days, the Trumpeter Swans have been hard to spot. They tend to spread out over the open water on the river. But over the last week and a bit, the temperature has really dropped and more ice has been forming on the river. With the -25c temperature this morning, I figured we might have a good chance to see them all together. We hopped in the car and drove out to the river, all bundled up.

 The river steamed and it looked like slush, as new ice formed and churned round and round. We didn't see any swans at this spot, so we drove down the river a little further.
 At last some success! The swans were all tucked up and sleeping on the beach. When they saw me approaching, every head popped up and I was greeted by warning trumpets. They soon settled back down when they saw that I wasn't a threat.
 They seemed cold, poor guys, hopping from foot to foot, or sleeping with their heads tucked under wing.
 Some flighty ducks were sleeping with them, but headed out into the river when I approached.
 A few swans were swimming down river and came up to investigate what all the noise was about.
 Time for a drink of ice cold water. Some of the sleeping swans waddled down for a sip.

 Such majestic looking birds...until they start wiggling their feet in the air! Haha, they had me giggling a bit. I think they were trying to warm up their feet by shaking them around. It looks like this one is giving his friend a side kick.

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