Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dog Sled Races 2014

This weekend is the annual Caledonia Classics Dogsled races. Along with the races, our town also is putting on a Winterfest, lasting all week into next weekend. We headed down to the lake yesterday morning to check out the festivities.

The temperature yesterday morning registered a bitter -30c, but had warmed up to -22c by the time we headed down. Brrr! Everyone was so bundled up, that it was hard to recognize people. With scarves, hats, and sunglasses, the only skin showing on most people were their noses.
 We watched one of the sprints take off and then headed over to see the other activities.
 A snow carver came up to the Fort to work on some sculptures with volunteers. Lots of people helped out with the carving.
 A sugarshack was set up, with maple syrup candy being made in the snow. Later they switched to our local Birch syrup.
 A traditional dog sled.
We didn't stay too long, as it was so cold. I headed back at 1pm, when the air temperature had warmed up to -11c, but a fierce wind had begun to blow, making it feel even colder than the morning.  More work had been completed on the ice sculptures then. The sculptor was making the symbols for the four Nak'azdli clans, Bear, Beaver, Caribou, and Frog.

I didn't stay long again. It's too bad it was so cold!

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  1. looks cold but lovely! What a neat thing to get to see too.....I can't believe the dogs still give her int hose temps!


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