Friday, March 21, 2014

March Changes

March is a month of transition. Transitioning from winter into spring. And for Kesten, transitioning from his crib to his big boy bed. 
 The crib is now all set up in baby #2's room. It is looking good in there!
 Kesten has now had three nights in his big boy bed and slept all through the night last night. I think the the transition is working!
With days getting warmer, Kesten has been asking more and more to play out on the deck. Now that it is free of snow, he has lots of room to drive his big trucks around. In order to make it easier to go out on the deck, I made a little "boot room" right by the back door. I hung up a hook (that I bought in India on our honeymoon) to hold coats and hats and put some mats down for boots and shoes. Now whenever Kesten wants to go outside, he puts his boots on and repeats "outside!" until we let him out.
 Since we broke all of our lawn chairs last year, I bought a new patio set for the deck this week. We are already enjoying it!
 It is so nice to have a place to sit in the sun, out of the wind and enjoy spring in its infancy.
 Kesten decided to share some of his cheerios with Boos.
 Boos just wasn't sure what to make of it....
 And lastly, I made a little 'mobile' decoration for Kesten's room. He was so excited to see the "bees!" I used one of the old wasp nests that have been sitting empty for years under our deck and attached it to a branch. I then made some fabric leaves and glue gunned them together and used wire to attach them to the branch. Next I needle felted three bees and hung them with string from the wasp nest. I love the way it looks and Kesten thinks it is so cool to have bees in his room!
What an exciting month March is! So many changes and that sweet hint of spring in the air. The longer days and the sunshine, the seedlings growing inside, and all that plant life just waiting to burst forth. It really is intoxicating. I know why they call it spring fever!


  1. Wow that's a really cool idea - glad you found such a nice nest specimen! I love your deck and furniture - very nice. Kesten is such a happy good boy isn't it? How nice. What a way to welcome in the spring!

    1. Haha, sadly, we have too many nice wasp nest specimens around here! Although most of them around our house are now empty. I've been leaving them up, as I hope it deters new colonies from making their home nearby. We'll see what happens now that I've taken this one down.
      And Kesten is such a happy good boy! He really is! I hope that will make things easier when the new baby arrives!

    2. I'm sure Kesten will be a very good helper for you!

  2. Your deck looks so comfy and inviting! Spring is wonderful- I love your mobile! You could sell those!

    1. Our deck is pretty ramshackle. But it is nice to have a place to sit and to play. I just wish we didn't have that weird carpet on the deck, it makes it nearly impossible to sweep off.


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