Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spring is in the Air

I went for a little walk in the woods this morning. The red squirrels were out and about, enjoying the change in weather. They were curious little guys, running up to within a couple of feet of me and then dashing off. They chased each other through the trees and scampered all over the place, in celebration of the beginning of the end of winter.

 The chickadees also seemed to be in a playful mood. Usually they dash off before I can even get close enough for a picture, but today they were so happy, hopping about, that they stayed still long enough for one or two shots. A raven kept flying by overhead, its mouth full of twigs, building a nest in anticipation of spring babies.
 Back at home, I've got some seeds started. I won't be planting as much this year, as my baby is due in 2 months and I'll be busy, but I do find it hard to restrain myself. We shall see what happens.
 My banana and citrus trees have made it through the winter, a little worse for wear. The citrus trees did not look healthy, so I repotted them and found that they had been staying quite wet at the bottom of the pot (which they don't like at all!). I guess I need to be more careful when I water them. Even though the top inch of soil is dry, the rest is likely still wet.

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  1. Oh goodness! You are way ahead of me and we don't even have snow these days! I'd better get planting (next weekend)


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