Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Week Away

We've been in the big city of Prince George the past week. It has been a fun time to see some of the city attractions that we don't normally get to see and to spread out our errands over a few days. One of the days I took Kesten to the Exploration Place (like a mix between a science centre and a museum). What fun we had! In the picture below, Kesten is inside a bubble in a fish aquarium, looking at trout and sturgeon (or "sharks," as he likes to call them!).
 In the Biome there were lots of taxidermic animals, along with live ones. Kesten was pretty leery of the bears, but was a big fan of the (living) snake named Cream. Cream will be 20 years old and that is about how old he is expected to live.
 A Pileated Woodpecker!!!! For some reason, Kesten has become obsessed with pileated woodpeckers (he does a very good impression of the drumming noise they make) and was pretty thrilled to see this one.
 There was a sports hall of fame in Exploration Place...
 And a great play area for kids. The trains were definitely a highlight!
 Later we went for a date at Menchies, the frozen yogurt place. Haha, if you went by this picture, you would think Kesten hated it, but he really loved it. He was just coughing or something in this picture.
 Back at home most of our snow had melted out of our yard! The sun was hot and our back deck felt like paradise. My husband and I got some time to ourselves to read in the sun during our little boy's nap time!
Belly bump! 4 weeks to go.... I can make it!
 The sunny weather has had us outdoors most of the day. Kesten is mastering his little run bike and asks to use it a lot!

 And finally, in my downtown time last night and today, I made a needle-felted pileated woodpecker for Kesten to play with.
 He was so excited when he saw it and has been playing with it all day, making him peck at the wood.
 It makes me happy that this boy loves nature. :)


  1. Nice! What a nice spring it looks like you are having! I love the wood pecker too : )

    1. It is a nice spring so far! Has spring come to your area yet?

  2. Gorgeous Wood Pecker! I like felting too!

  3. The wood pecker is amazing! What a great toy, Kesten is one lucky boy!


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