Thursday, April 24, 2014

At The Farm

This morning, Kesten and I headed out for a visit to our friends' farm. He sucked them in to taking him for wheelbarrow rides around the farm.
Then we checked out the teepee that Charlotte had made with her grandson in the summer.
Pretty cool inside!
A visit to see the chickens is always fun. You think this boy would be blase about chickens, seeing as he has his own at home. But nope, he loved them, especially hearing the rooster crow.
As we left the coop, he had to poke his head back in to say "hi!"
Next it was time to see the cows.
There are now 21 calves born, 3 to go!
This mama had twins, a surprise for everyone.
Sandy and Kesten climbed a "mountain!"
More wheelbarrow rides. In the background you can see Tippy the dog with her deflated soccer ball. Kesten would go into fits of laughter whenever we would kick the ball for Tippy and she would catch it in mid-air.
As we left the farm, we were treated to a special surprise of seeing a moose calf eating some willows and dogwood in the ditch. Kesten was pretty excited to see a moose in the wild!

Apparently this little one has been seen for a number of weeks without a mom. I hope it does ok!

To complete our fun morning, we went to the local restaurant, The Soup Wallah, run by my friend Janna. GREAT food! Yum yum yum! It was a very nice treat and Kesten was deliriously happy to get a cookie about the size of his head to munch on.


  1. Wow- what a neat farm! And some wildlife to boot! It looks like spring has begun there....will you get anymore frost typically?

    1. Ya, we'll keep getting frost probably until the end of May, early June. We have a very short frost free season here as the first frost happens in mid-August. Some nights we are still getting -5 or so. But the days are really warming up. We have some 17 and 18c forecasted for this up coming week. Whoohoo!


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