Saturday, April 26, 2014

Puddles and a River Otter

It's that time of year when the ice is starting to break up on the lake and the chances of seeing a river otter seem to be higher. We went down to the lake to splash in the puddles for a bit and see if we could see an otter.
 At the park there was a few feet of open water before the ice. Lots of seagulls, but no river otter.
 The mountains were shrouded in fog and the ground was misting, creating a very moody atmosphere.
 It's been months and months since Kesten has seen water in the lake instead of ice. He took full advantage of this and began to throw rocks in, laughing hysterically with each splash. What a joy it was to watch him.
 We got in the car and started to drive around the loop (I'm just too pregnant to walk it now!), and I spotted an otter at the marina. I got my husband to pullover and I got out to photograph him. He let me get really close to the dock before he dove in. I kept walking to the wharf and there he surfaced, not 10 feet from me with a nice fish in his mouth.
 He settled down to gobbling up his fish right in front of me. Either he was oblivious to my presence or he just didn't care.

 I watched him for about ten minutes until he finished his meal and then dove back in the water.
 He resurfaced back on the same dock as before and proceeded to roll around and groom himself, drying off surprisingly quickly.
 My husband and Kesten, getting bored in the car, soon joined me and we all stood and watched the otter frolic around. Kesten, in his excitement, kept yelling out "otter!"The otter would look our way, and then continue to roll around and enjoy himself, unfazed by our presence.

What a thrilling encounter it was! I love river otters, I think they are one of my top favourite wild animals around here. Enjoy the video I took of the little guy munching on his fish and rolling around on the dock:


  1. Lovely photos! What a great day! You always find such wonderful experiences! I'm sure Kesten will thank you one day for the wonderful childhood

    1. Thanks! I do hope he enjoys his child hood. :)

  2. That all looks like so much fun! What great otter shots- and I love the mountain shot too- very ominous....I think I would like to be an otter in another life- they seem so nimble and mischivious and always having fun....

    1. I know! I feel a kinship with otters. They do always seem to be having fun. When you think about wild animals, so often you think about them just working to survive, yet a lot of them really seem to take time to enjoy life as well. Kinda neat.


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