Saturday, June 28, 2014

Crafting: A Felted Otter Playscape

Well, the crafting urge struck again. Who knows how I find time for it, but naps (for the kidlets) certainly help, and this time Kesten was willing to help me with the wet felting. 
So this time I wanted to make a little river otter habitat. I wet felted this part and added some needle-felted details.
 The otters made their home in a burrow on a hillside by a pond. The old tree stump marks the spot of their main entrance.
 A stream runs by the side of their burrow and a little tunnels leads to it. The pond is full of fish to feed a hungry otter family.
 Inside the burrow, dry leaves line the floor, making a soft spot for the babies to roam.
 Daddy otter can dive into the water to hunt for fish while baby slides down the hill and plays.
 The otters love to roll around on their backs, just like dogs.
 I needle-felted the daddy and baby otter, along with three little fish (one is at large- Kesten likes to bring the fish into the bathtub with him). I plan on making a couple more otters to finish up the family.

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