Thursday, June 26, 2014

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was a certain little boy's very special 2nd birthday. The night before we had the house all ready for when he would wake up in the morning.
 Presents ready and waiting...
 We hung streamers over his bedroom door. He was so excited in the morning when he got to run through those!
 So many presents to open and enjoy. Here he is playing with his new garbage truck.
 He cooked himself some eggs in his new kitchen.
 Cedar was all pooped out from the partying. Kesten had energy to spare though. He was dancing around the house with excitement all day.
 When it was time to eat cake, Kesten made us re-light the candles four times so he could blow them out again and again.
 After dinner he went for a bike ride with his new helmet.
He is such a sweet, caring, fun, smiley, energetic, funny little boy and we love him so much! Happy Birthday Kesten!

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