Wednesday, June 4, 2014


June has now begun. We started the month off with a trip to the Historic Park for the season opening. Cedar dressed up in her little bonnet from
Kesten was looking dapper in his overalls and the hat my sister's mother-in-law made him!
 There were ducklings and chicks and bunnies newly added to the Park.

 On Monday we headed out to our Provincial Park for a picnic in the sun.
 I had my first dip in the lake, a little late this year. I'm usually in before the end of May.
 Kesten is very happy to now have a companion with him in the chariot, even if they both fall asleep minutes into a walk.
 And then we have been playing in the park and going for bike rides. Kesten is getting quite adept at riding his little run bike.
 Me and Cedar snuggled together for a walk.
 Aaaand, yesterday I was feeling some creative urges, so I made this little dress for Cedar from this pattern.

The pattern includes sizes all the way to 5T, so I foresee many other little dresses in the future.


  1. Love all the photos and activities! The dress is adorable as are the kids, and, oh,yes, you, too! I'm seriously missing all of you!

  2. Great pictures! Did you make the adorable little sweater Cedar is wearing in the first picture with her bonnet? It's beautiful!!

    1. Thanks Terry! Cedar's Great Aunt made the sweater for her. I agree, it is beautiful!

  3. What a lovely time, I always your love your photos. Your children are so sweet and I love their outfits!


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