Sunday, June 22, 2014

The First Two Days of Summer

 We ushered summer in by celebrating National Aboriginal Day at the Historic Park. They had some fun events and free hamburgers.

This is inside the fur warehouse at the Historic Park. This is only a fraction of the amount of furs that would have been here when this was a working fort.
 The furs hanging in the foreground are muskrat and in the background are lynx. Note the old graffiti on the walls.
 At the trade store, Kesten got to trade a rabbit fur for a prize. This is a fun thing they do for the kids that come through the park. The kids have to make up a story about their fur and choose an animal that it came from. They then try and barter the fur for a prize. We pretended that Kesten got a grizzly bear and that he wrestled it down with his bare hands. Pretty impressive.
 Next we checked out the drumming. This man made the mistake of letting Kesten drum. Kesten would not give the stick back and made the man sing song after song.
 Look how happy he is! What a good time he had!
Later that night David and I watched the fireworks from our balcony. When you live in the North, it doesn't get dark at Solstice until after 11pm, so that's when the fireworks start. We happened to be already awake, because my little girl doesn't like to go to bed until midnight. 
 Today I went for a mountain bike ride with my friend and when I came home, I found these two watching the world cup. And Cedar was blissfully asleep.
 After dinner, a walk to the lake was in order. Kesten promptly stripped down and headed in to throw rocks and sticks.

 Cedar is growing like a weed!
 Look at those smiles! She gives us smiles all the time now.
 And look at that beautiful baby chub!

 My little girl <3 p="">
What a blissful way to start summer!

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  1. Cedar is getting so big - you're right!! I love her onsie - did you make it? Kesten sure gets to enjoy so many wonderful experiences. And I love your fireworks photos - well done!


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