Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Most Delightful Visit

 So much happening and so much to catch you up on! Isn't summer glorious? My sister and her family were up for a week just recently and we had a wonderful time together. Her son is 6 months older than Kesten, and while the boys had some typical 2-year-old spats, they really had a lot of fun together. They were up during a real heat wave, when our temperatures were getting close to 40c on some days. Too hot for this girl, who is now acclimatized to northern summers.
We beat the heat by heading to the beach. Here is my sister and her son enjoying our little boat.
 And the boys had a blast in the sand.
 A trip to the Historic Park was in order. The boys traded some furs for a prize.
Too cute! I like how they are sitting as far apart as possible!
 We went for a little hike one morning to take in the sights of our forests. Nature discoveries are so exciting!
 Kesten tried some more challenging terrain to hike over.
 We all picked some wild raspberries at the end of the trail to reward us for our hard work.
 In the cooler evenings, the boys headed out for a bike ride. I liked to take a dip in the lake each night before bed. It helped bring my body temp down and made it easier to sleep.
 And of course there were fans and spray bottles to keep us cool during the heat of the day!

 Look at the focus of those two as they colour! I'm glad they had this opportunity to visit each other.
 I've got more to update you on in a bit, including a new knitting pattern.

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  1. You always have such wonderful posts - so nice the boys get to play together. You know, I haven't been swimming in a lake since .... ooh goodness, way too long!! Enjoy your summer!


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