Thursday, July 24, 2014

All About Beavers

At the moment we are fascinated with beavers. We have been watching a few documentaries on the animals that have captured our interest. This one on youtube is superb and this on CBC is great too.  And then there is this short one where a guys gets really up close to some beavers. We've made a needle-felted little beaver and Kesten has a baby beaver stuffed animal. On Sunday at the Historic Site, we got a close up view of a (dead) beaver that was waiting to be skinned. It was a big one and it was very cool to examine it up close! And yesterday we had plans to do a short hike with some friends to go see an old beaver lodge out in the Research Forest north of town. As we were unloading from our cars and getting our bug spray on, their dog started growling at something at the trail head. And then she gave chase and something very large started crashing through the bush. Very large. It was either a bear or a moose. Either way, we called off the hike. We'll try again later when there are fewer bears around. Instead we headed out to their beautiful home in the research forest. We visited their chickens:

 Went for a walk and climbed some hills.
 I got to see beautiful Tezzeron Lake and Kesten enjoyed throwing some rocks in.
 At home, to make up for not seeing the real beaver lodge, we made our own from blankets and chairs.
 Cedar's activity mat made a great tunnel entrance.
Kesten pretended to swim into the lodge and had fun eating his snack inside. And then made me crawl in to read him stories.
 And Cedar got into the swing of things with her new little beaver hat and tail. I'll post the new knitting pattern when I get around to typing it out.


  1. Cute! Love the idea of a never lodge! Cedar looks so cute with her tail :) We had a beaver encounter when we were houseboating. They are quite curious creatures and it came right up to us while we were swimming (making me a bit nervous as John was telling us about a Russian who was killed by a beaver after it attacked him and severed a main artery in his leg and he bled to death). Pleasant.

    1. Wow! I haven't seen a beaver in years and I would like to, but not while swimming. My friend's dad hit one in his truck about 30 years ago and then brought it in, thinking it was dead so he could harvest the pelt later. Except it wasn't dead and it latched on to his upper inner thigh, just missing his artery. They had to shoot it off of him in the truck. I've heard of another story too, where they go for the same spot and the person almost bled out. Never trust a beaver! haha


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