Monday, July 28, 2014


We just got back from a fun little camping trip to a nearby town called Burns Lake. Burns Lake has fantastic mountain biking trails and a great little (free!) campground right beside them. We camp here ever year for the Big Pig Mountain Biking Festival and races, but this year we decided to do an earlier camping trip as well, to ride some of the trails we don't get to see in the races. Since we have two little ones, we had to take turns watching the kids and riding, and while the other was out on the trails, we took the kids for hikes and walks, and Kesten rode his little run bike. The berries are all ripe and we picked some wild strawberries and huckleberries to enjoy for breakfasts.

 Cedar's first time camping! She did really well!

Swimming, biking, hiking, berry picking, wildlife viewing, loons calling, owls hooting, outdoor sleeping, and memory making.


  1. Again you took such lovely photos! I love Kesten's hat in his car seat - how sweet. Cedar seems like a very good baby. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip, how awesome!

    1. Thanks :) Cedar is getting to be such a happy baby and much better at sleeping- which makes us feel more human and less zombie! I love Kesten's new hat too. hahaha, fancy fedora!


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