Friday, September 26, 2014

Fall Happenings

It is definitely fall here. No doubt about it. The leaves are yellow and orange and red. The nights are chilly. There is the smell of wood smoke in the air. We've had a visit with the grandparents and some more wildlife encounters. All's well.

This year we were able to grow 5! baking pumpkins in our garden. We are so proud of them (it is hard to grow squash up here!) We also grew the barley in this picture, though not on purpose. They were volunteers from the chicken scratch.
 We woke up a couple of mornings in a row to rosy sunrise light and a beautiful rainbow.
I don't recall ever seeing a rainbow at sunrise. It was beautiful!
 On one of our runs, we encountered this mule deer. She was very friendly and kept trying to approach us. I never let her get too close though.

 And this little robin is always visiting our berry bush to eat his fill.

 Gramps and Kesten enjoyed some "man" time together while eating apples.
 We headed up into the woods for a short hike and to try and make a plaster cast of an animal track.

 Our tomatoes are ripening on the window sill.
 Snuggly Cedar baby!
 The deer hoof print we made a plaster cast of. You can find instructions here.
And isn't this cool? The wind blew apart one of our old hornets nest, revealing the paper cells inside.         
That's a little bit of what has been happening around here lately!


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