Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Last Hurrah of Summer

 Last weekend we were blessed with temperatures of 25c. Faced with the reality that this may be the last warm weekend of summer, we packed up the kids and drove out to Tezzeron lake.
The sky was blue, the lake was calm, and the air was warm.
We picnicked by the lake and rowed in our little dingy. I jumped in the lake and Kesten waded on the beach.
My rosy baby.
A game of soccer was played between the siblings.

On Sunday I got to go mountain biking with two other women. It was great fun!
Yesterday evening, Kesten and I toiled in the garden to bring in the (meagre) harvest. I guess we did better than expected, since we never weeded once and hardly watered. Tomatoes, apples, beans, lettuce, zucchini, potatoes, and eggs were brought inside. I still have many more apples to pick. Our timing was good though. This morning it was -5c with a heavy frost. 
And I will leave you with this sneak peak of things to come! I'm working on a little tutorial.

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