Sunday, November 30, 2014

Minus Twenty-Four Is Too Cold!

We went on our annual Christmas Tree hunt this morning. It was -24c. We were bundled up so warm that only our eyeballs and some cheek were exposed. But that was still too cold for the kids. After five minutes we took them back to the car and I was left to find a tree by myself. I ended up cutting down the first Douglas fir I could find and lugged it back to the car. The thing was very heavy and my arm is still sore from dragging it. And man, is it an ugly tree! But in those kinds of temperatures, you can't be too choosy. The tree has no branches at all in the back and the star on top sits lower down than the top branches. Of course we could trim those a bit, but I like the eccentric look of our tree. I think this one may even be uglier than the crooked S-shaped tree we got our first Christmas here.
 At least this year we could drive all the way to the trail. Last year we had to hike in because the roads were too bad.
 Here it is! *ahem*
 And here are our wood-burned decorations- one for each year we have been married. This will be our fifth Christmas in the Fort now!
 Here it is, all decorated. You can hardly see the star because it is hidden by the branches.
But despite the tree's awkward proportions and the cold we endured getting it, we had fun decorating it. Christmas carols played, hot chocolate was drunk, and wonder filled the eyes of my babies. Merry Christmas!


  1. This one reminds me of the new fangled fruit trees that are trained to grow in only 2 dimensions, only on a bigger scale here. Yup, it is ugly all right, but it looks kinda nice all decorated up and it's fun thinking about how Kesten and Cedar perceive it!


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