Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Those Happy Holidays

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season. I know we are! Let me catch you up on what has been happening:

These little children have been packed full-to-bursting with energy.

 On Christmas Eve, we enjoyed our traditional meat pie dinner and then the annual "Happy Birthday Baby Jesus" cake that we have been making since I was a child. This year I took inspiration from Mr. Bean's Christmas skit for the cake decorating (check out the 2:30 mark to see what I'm talking about).
 Christmas Eve to me is the most magical part of Christmas. It is the magic of anticipation. We went downtown to get a few groceries and to check the mail and everyone was smiling and hugging and wishing each other Merry Christmas. And then it started to snow and that added to the excitement of the day.
 Pictures in front of the tree the night before!
 And a snowy walk to see the Christmas lights.
 The stockings are looking full!
 And the tree is buried in presents!
 Kesten took his time opening his presents. He played with each one for awhile before we could convince him to open another one.
 Cedar just tried to eat every present we gave her.

 These Cozy Classics books are so awesome! One word a page to sum up some literary classics with beautiful needle-felted illustrations. And all Cedar wants to do is eat it. hahaha
 The debris!
Christmas dinner was delicious! Since it was only the four of us, I cooked a turkey breast roast in the crockpot instead of a full turkey. It was yummy!
 Cedar enjoyed squishing the mashed potatoes in her hand and spreading them over every available surface.
There was no rest after Christmas day! The next day we headed an hour up the North Road to visit our friends who live in the research forest. 

 We spent the day sledding, enjoying the bonfire, eating good food, and having good conversations. I was having too much fun to remember to take pictures!
 Aaaaand, we finally got a little dump of snow! Still nowhere near our usual winter levels, but we'll take it!
 Today, after a spell of mild weather, the temperature has dipped right down to -25c. A little too cold to play outside with the kids. So it was time to come up with an indoor activity this morning. Last fall, I had dug out a bit of clay from the lake and saved it in a bag. We brought it out this morning and set up some plastic on the table.
 I didn't bring out any tools yet. I wanted Kesten to get a good feel for the clay and to work it with his hands. We had fun rolling it around, squishing it, poking it, stacking it, and slamming it down on the table. I watched Kesten as he played creatively with the clay. He made a sled with lights that had to 'plug in' and then he would drive it around the table. He made a tower, and a 'brown garden' and a train. All the while he was playing with the clay he kept a little narrative going, describing out loud what he was doing.
 He was so absorbed in the play that he still didn't want to pack it up after more than an hour. But we needed the table back for lunch. This is definitely something that we will be bringing out in the future!
Whew! And that should catch you up on our goings-on. I'd love to hear from you! Do you have any special or cheesy Christmas traditions that you do?

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