Monday, January 5, 2015

The Old and The New

Well, New Years has had me thinking a lot lately about the past year and what I want for this year. 2014 has been a good year for me. Besides the fact that I had my daughter (which alone would make any year top notch), I've also been challenging myself for the better. For example, after a good friend moved away from the Fort, I realized that I was going to have to put myself out there to make friends. This has always been hard for me. I've always left the first move up to the other person (and not just the first move! I think I pretty much make them arrange every get together!). But no longer! I started calling people and have made some wonderful friendships this year.
I've also challenged myself to be more active. Since Cedar was 4 weeks old, I've been getting out mountain biking and running, and now that the weather is colder, I've been doing a workout every morning and hiking/animal tracking on weekends. Being active helps me to feel strong and is such a mood booster! I've been trying to heal up some injuries from being pregnant and I can feel my body slowing knitting itself back together.
I've also been doing a lot of research and learning about the local wildlife around here. Throughout my life, I've gone from one obsession to the next (eg: the Amazon Rainforest and sloths, tornadoes, Ireland, Medieval times, etc) learning as much about the topic as I can. And for me right now, that topic is the wildlife of the North. My children often both nap at the same time in the afternoons, leaving me with some time on my hands. I use those moments during naptime to research, and my weekends to hike, observe, track animals, and hope for an encounter. I'm always happy when I am learning about what I love!
So this year, I have often daily observed how happy and content I am. I don't know if I have ever been happier! I love my family and where I am living. I love that I get to have time with friends and time on my own to be outside in the forest. I love that I get to learn about the wild animals and the land here. I'm just happy :)
I hope that 2015 follows in the footsteps of 2014!
That being said, I would like to set myself a few goals for this year, for things I want to accomplish (mostly gardening related).
1) I would like to plant and grow more wheat this year.
I want to try and grow it much thicker on 100sq feet so I can get a bigger yield.

2) I want to put down mulch around all the raised beds and try to keep up with weeding.
The thistles grow so thick around the raised beds that if I put down some road cloth and mulch, I might be able to keep them under control.

3) I want to plant my forest garden.
I've been killing off that grass between my fruit trees for 2 years now. I want to make this year the year that I finally plant my forest garden!
(See that fabric down between the trees to the right of the photo? That's the location.)

4) Hatch more chicks
Now that we are down to two chickens, we could definitely use some more eggs. Spring hatch!

5) I'd like to make more jam.
I didn't get the chance to make any jam at all last year and I've been missing it! I hope to make most of my jam from fruit that is foraged or picked by myself (free!).
Hmm, that is all I can think of now, but I may expand the list in the future. May 2015 be awesome!

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