Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Winter Fun With Little Ones

As much as I love winter, it can be a little hard on my little ones. The snow is too deep to be able to walk through, some days can be a little too cold to play outside, and all those layers do make it hard to move around. But we've had lots of fun so far, both inside and out, and I have to admit that I am a little bit sad that there is only a month and a half of real winter left!

Now, on to the fun! Cuddles and snuggles, kitties and blankets can warm up a day!
 Kesten has nearly mastered the art of taking selfies.
 We went for a ski on Family Day. Right at the start we spotted this snowshoe hare in the branches. See it? No? Look to the right of the photograph. You can see its ears above the bottom fence wire.
 My intrepid husband pulled the kids in the chariot while we skied. They both managed to stay awake the whole time. Kesten loved going under trees that hang over the trail. He calls them tunnels.
 A whole row of "tunnels!"
 On days when it is too cold, we bring the snow inside to play with. Food colouring in water and eye droppers add to the fun. Later, he introduced cars and construction vehicles in there.
Were they co-operating in this picture??? Maybe. Cedar likes to touch the snow too, and then she tries to eat it. So does Kesten...
 Trains and animals also help pass the time indoors.
 And when the world is mostly black and white outside, it is fun to brighten it up by looking through some coloured blocks! We hold the blocks up to our eyes and see what colour the snow is now.
 Cars and blocks. What else can I say?
 Oh. Food. Food is also a nice way to pass the time inside...
 Especially when it is so much fun to feed yourself!

We built a snowman one day when it warmed up and the snow was just perfect for packing. (Our snowman is now buried past the waist in new snow).

 I've had to dig the chickens out from all of our snow and we've had even more since this picture was taken.

 We also took the kids out for a snowshoe last weekend up Mt. Pope (just to the third bench). The forest is full of wonders. As we were unpacking everything from the car and getting ready, Kesten said, "Oh, a deer!" And sure enough, a mule deer was prancing away into the shelter of the trees. Good eye, Kesten!
 It looks like hard work, but he enjoys a challenge.

 Cozy babies enjoying a snack at the top. It was lightly snowing, so whenever we lifted the cover of the chariot, they got a bit of a snow shower.

Winter really can be one of the funnest times of year.


  1. Love your blog! Been waiting for some winter pics!! Thanks

    1. Thanks so much, Sylvia! Hopefully I'll get a few more in before spring, haha.

  2. Looks like you've been making the most of the snowy weather.. nothing but rain down here on the Island. Always fun to catch up on what you're doing.. love the hare pic - I couldn't find it right away!

    1. Thanks Chris! It's been raining here too, for the last two days. I have to say, I prefer the snow and cold! We've already lost a couple of inches of snow and when it gets cold again, that snow is going to be icy hard, not much fun for winter sports!
      And those hares are so tricky! If they don't move, I never see them. I wonder how many I pass by when I am in the forest that I don't see?


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