Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Broody Hen

Well, it looks like Peabody, my little black hen, is intent on being a mother. She is huddled over a couple of plastic Easter eggs (one of them is only half an egg) with her feathers puffed out. I've decided to finally give her a chance. I'm going to try and get some fertilized eggs for her this week and see what happens. Last night I made a nice little nest box for her with some clean wood shavings and some straw, but as usual, she has taken the eggs out of the box and is sitting on them in her own chosen spot. My only other hen sticks close to her side, unwilling to hang out alone. At night, the two of them snuggle in tight together. For this reason, I won't be separating them during the incubation time. Fingers crossed that it all works out! I'll try to keep you posted.

And it looks like Boos is getting all broody too, sitting on the coop, that contains the chicken sitting on the eggs. It's all about the solidarity. 

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