Sunday, March 29, 2015

Roasted Dandelion Root Coffee

While I was gardening this afternoon (Gardening! In MARCH! I know!!!), I came across some massive dandelion roots. I decided to save them, as I have been eyeing up a recipe for roasted dandelion root coffee for awhile now.
When I brought them in, my sister (via skype) thought they were potatoes and my husband thought they were carrots.
 I sliced them thinly and placed them on a cookie sheet and placed them in the oven to dry and roast at 250F for 2.5 hours. I stirred them now and then to make sure they didn't burn.

 This is what they looked like all done. They smelled so good while roasting- sort of a sweet, nectar-y smell. Maybe it's just because I associate dandelion flavour with all the sweet things I have baked them in over the years.
 Next I had to grind them up into a fine powder. Because I don't have a coffee grinder, I put them in the Baby Bullet with the milling blade. This actually worked really well.
 Soon I had them all ground up into a fine powder.
 To make the coffee, you add 2tsp of powder to one cup of boiling water. You can use a french press or do it instant coffee style, and since I don't have a french press...
Now, you are probably wondering if it really does taste like coffee. And I can't tell you. Because I have never drunk a cup of coffee in my life. I've had a sip or two and decided I didn't like it and have never really tried it since. So I can only imagine what it tastes like and I feel like this drink is probably a blend between coffee and tea. It has a sweetish flavour, slightly citrusy, with a bitter after taste. It's not bad, but I probably won't be drinking tons of it. I'm guessing if you really like coffee, nothing is going to be a good substitute... Especially if you are drinking it for the caffeine. The real reason I made the roasted roots is to make an ice cream recipe, which I will make as soon as I can find an ice cream maker to borrow.
If you have any great dandelion recipes, please share them with me. I love trying all sorts of dandelion recipes and am always on the look-out for a new one.
The chicks and the broody hen are doing great and the chicks already have their wing feathers and a few little tail feathers. The eggs in the incubator are going on lock-down this Friday and due to hatch Easter Monday! Exciting things happening here!

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