Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spring Activities

The snow keeps melting and melting and we are not even hitting freezing temperatures some nights! I opened the door to go outside yesterday and was welcomed with a whole chorus of Red-winged Blackbirds. This is several weeks earlier than I have heard them here before.
Inside, my seeds are doing pretty well. My quinoa is just starting to sprout now. I'm starting over 60 quinoa plants inside this year:
 My Tomatoes are getting along well. I just transplanted them to larger pots today.
 Here is a volunteer pumpkin plant that sprouted in the sink that I use to wash out the chickens' water bucket. The seed must have hitched a ride from the coop inside. It is thriving now.
 Kesten is getting excited about gardening, especially since he has his own garden plot this year. He says he wants to grow "really high sunflowers," so he planted some sunflower seeds to start inside. They just started coming up yesterday.

Here you can see the flats of quinoa and broccoli under the lights.
And here are the squash and tomatoes.
 And now for a chicken update. I have decided to separate the ladies. Peabody has the coop and part of the run to herself:
 With her own food and water dishes:
And Eggwina has the other half of the run to herself. I put a little mini hen house in the run for her to nest in and sleep in. She's got scratch to keep her busy, plus her own food and water and fresh hay on top of all that mud in the run. (Is it ever mud season! Every entranceway to the house is constantly assailed by mud!) 

 So last night I candled the eggs. We were down to 9 eggs, and out of those eggs 7 were fertilized and growing, 1 was not fertilized and I got rid of it, and 1 has an embryo in it and I am not sure if it is alive (I doubt it, but I left it in for a few more days to be sure). One of the growing eggs was cracked though, and I planned on trying to put some wax on it in the morning to attempt to save it, but when I checked in the morning it had fully broken open, making a sad mess. I cleaned it up and wiped off the other eggs. I hope that now that the hens are separated, this won't happen again. So we are down to 6 growing eggs with 1 maybe. It is so stressful using a broody hen to incubate eggs. You really can't count your chickens until they hatch!


  1. Really enjoying the hen house updates.. fingers crossed for all seven!

    1. Thanks! And now I've got 7 eggs in the incubator too...

  2. You are ahead of me!! We haven't had frost, but we have lots of rain, somI have not planted anything yet!! I had better get going, it is almost April!! (I have no space indoors to get seeds started)


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