Tuesday, April 7, 2015

7 out of 7

All seven of my chicks hatched successfully! The 6 Salmon Faverolles hatched on Easter Sunday and the lone Rainbow Egger made his appearance on Easter Monday.

Kesten is thrilled to have a black chick, since he thought they all would be black. I think he assumed this because we had a black hen hatching the first batch of chicks (who were yellow, much to his disappointment). 
He is so happy to have the opportunity to hold them and snuggle them and kiss them. He's even named one of the chicks "Chickadee."
Phewf, another successful hatch. I've never had all 7 of the eggs in the incubator be fertile and go all the way to hatch day before. It was crowded in there! Now hopefully in two weeks we'll be able to tell the girls from the boys among the Salmon Faverolles. The boys start to grow black wing feathers...

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