Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Screen Printing Fabric

My little girl is turning one in just over a month and I don't know where the time has gone. Since she is a May baby, and May is the month of dandelions here, we are having a dandelion themed party. I wanted to make her a dress with dandelions on it, but the fabric I found cost way too much to ship. So, I decided to make my own! I bought a cheap sheet and made a design on my screen. I screen printed the design over and over to make the fabric.

When it was dry, I ironed it to set the ink and then sewed her a dress! I had to pick and choose which parts to cut the pattern from, because some of the designs were blurred but it all worked out. I think it is darling! I used the Geranium dress pattern and then drafted my own pattern for the sleeves and the collar.
I thought some sunny bloomers might look cute too. This time I carved out dandelion leaves and flower in potatoes. Since I didn't want to do a bunch of extra work, I cut out the pattern pieces ahead of time from another cheap sheet and just stamped onto them.

I set it with an iron again and then sewed the bloomers using this free pattern:
 I have been having so much fun sewing lately, I'll have to show you everything I have made!


  1. These are fantastic, Kris! LOVE the teal design and the dress turned out sooo cute. The bloomers just add an amazing bright touch!

  2. That little dress is so cute. What a good job. I used to sew a lot when my boys were little. I just recently became a great grandmother. I knit a sweater, hat, bootees, and blanket, then decided to sew a dress. It was the first time I purchased a sewing pattern online. I am not as good at sewing as I used to be. But all turned out and I am sending the outfit with my husband as he is going to visit the lower 48 and see our great grand. I can't go this time due to other commitments, but wanted them to know Nana Patt was thinking of them. I have a couple of May granddaughters and I am a May baby too. Thanks for your posts.

    1. What a special gift for them! I loved receiving handmade clothing for my babies. I'll keep the stuff they got forever in their baby boxes :) May is such a nice time of year for birthdays!


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