Monday, April 20, 2015


The sewing machine was really busy for a bit this spring, whipping up some nice projects for us.
Kesten requested an apron in his size. He wanted a white apron and when I told him I wasn't sure I had any white fabric, he requested a "man" apron. Haha, not sure what that means! I used a tea towel and trimmed the top to make it "apron" shaped and sewed some ribbon to edge it and make ties.
 I added a denim pocket and embroidered an apple, lemon, and orange, just as he requested. What a guy! He likes to wear it when we make pancakes and when he plays in his kitchen.
 My Mother-in-law sent me this beautiful fabric to sew Cedar a dress. I used this easy-peasy pattern, which involved all of 10 minutes of sewing. The other side is reversible with pink elephants.

 Next up is a little dress that I made up a pattern for. I wanted to try out some smocking, since I learned how ridiculously easy it is using a machine!

And finally, I made a dress for myself using the Washi dress pattern and expansion pack by Made by Rae. I really love her patterns. She gives very clear instructions and makes you feel like you can really sew! I've made the Geranium dress several times now.
 I've always wanted a dress with a Peter Pan collar. I'm excited to make other styles of this dress.

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  1. You are amazing. What fun outfits for everyone. I recognize Kesten's apron, we had the same ones for our wedding guests (without the fancy ties and pocket). You make some very cool stuff.


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