Thursday, May 7, 2015

I Made Cheese!

There's is nothing better to do after a course than to put your new knowledge to work. On Monday, I decided to start with the simplest of cheese recipes, queso blanco. In this picture, the milk is heating up on the stove, the apple cider vinegar is ready to be poured in, and the cheesecloth is sitting in a bowl of boiling water to be sterilized.
 In this picture, the vinegar has been added and the milk is curdling.
 Here, the curds are hanging to drain out the whey.
 And here is the finished cheese!
 We've enjoyed it a couple of different ways so far- with spicy refried beans and in a wrap.

 Eaten with cucumbers, tomatoes, some mayonnaise, and salt and pepper, it was delicious!
I think we might try it with fruit later.


  1. It looks like it was enjoyed by all :)

  2. Haha, it was! And we tried it with fruit salad, and it was delicious!


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