Monday, May 25, 2015

In My Garden

May is such a fun month in the garden. Everything is being planted and transplanted, the garden beds still look relatively tidy, and I get to use my creative energies.
Boos (on the right) has a new friend and they play in the garden together. They hide and jump out and pounce on one another. It's pretty adorable.
 Last night they were taking turns tunnelling under the plastic I put out to protect my plants from hail (which never came!).
We've been having thunderstorms everyday for over a week, except for last night, when we were on a sever thunderstorm watch. Go figure. The clouds are building up again this afternoon, though!

 The tomatoes have been planted against the house for a little while now.
We've even got a few fat little tomatoes starting! (I started the seeds back in February!)
 The raspberries are all leafed out.

 My forest garden is starting to fill out a bit. There is an apple tree and a cherry tree, rhubarb, raspberries, strawberries, and the essential comfrey.
 In this bed, we have beans growing and I am going to add my quinoa seedlings to it once they get a bit bigger. The sparrows ate all the quinoa that I planted early in the season and then my husband accidentally weeded out my second sowing (they look like lamb's quarters). I feel like I am doomed to never be successful with quinoa!
 This bed has a pumpkin and two butternut squashes, some dill, onions, and garlic, and some parsnips on the the far end.
 Zucchini and sugar pumpkins in this bed.
 More strawberries (hopefully they'll spread and fill up the rest of this bed).
 Broccoli and beats.
 This is my dye garden (it's so mini and cute!). I'm growing woad in here.
 Do you see the little celtic knot carved into the wood? So fancy.
 Kesten's sunflowers are growing in his garden.
 Our willow house is growing leaves now!
 And I planted some peas at the base of each willow shoot, and they are growing fast.

 You might not be able to tell, but that is my wheat. I planted it much thicker this year, by broadcast sowing, so it is not in rows.
 And here is an overview of the yard! The garden around the chicken coop has been planted and is doing well (it just looks really messy right now) and I planted a wildflower garden around the right side of the chicken coop extension.
How is your garden growing?

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