Friday, June 19, 2015

Another Garden Post

Rain, rain, rain! The last couple of days have been full of rain, which the garden is just soaking up! Everything seems to have kicked into high gear and is growing fast during these long days of light leading up to Solstice.
 The seed heads are forming on the wheat.
 The beans are doing quite well. I am hopeful that we will actually get in a couple of harvests before first frost.
 The zucchini are starting to put out fruit and I've got a couple that are almost ready to eat.
 Some little pumpkins have started too, although I'm not sure if they got pollinated. I always hate to see them shrivel up when they don't, but if there are no male flowers blooming at the same time, what can ya do?

 Look at those potatoes take off! I think they are happy in this raised bed and I am hoping that the lighter soil will give me an increased yield.
 The willow hut has grown some leaves and the peas are growing up the branches.
 Kesten's sunflowers have started blooming and are being frequently visited by friendly pollinators.
 My woad is doing really well and I am excited to try dyeing with it this fall.

 My Purple Peacock broccoli and beats. I love the contrast of the greens in this bed.
 First strawberry!
 Fruit trees, rhubarb, strawberries, and raspberries. My pie/jam forest garden!
 Our raspberries are really doing well this year, from the look of things.

 The chickens are all growing up, and are slowly coming to trust me (maybe because I fell asleep inside the coop one afternoon?) From left to right: Snow White, Chickadee, Fish Face, and Blackbeard.
 And lastly, the tomatoes are just teasing me, taking their time to turn red. I am so anxious to bite into my first homegrown tomatoes of the season. Mmmmmmm. HURRY UP!
Maybe I'll make some more fresh mozzarella for the occasion.

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