Thursday, July 23, 2015

Apple Tree Fort

After a walk in the forest this morning, we got in some much-needed play time in the backyard. We haven't been playing out there too much lately, as the bugs were soon driving us back inside. But the bugs have died down now and we are re-discovering the fun that is our yard! One of the best discoveries? Our apple tree fort! The branches form a perfect cave with a little door. You would think that I had purposefully pruned it that way!

 It is pretty magical to look up and see a ceiling of leaves and fruit! Kesten has been discovering all the "windows" in the fort.

 Oh, and the best part? The walls are edible! Cedar and Kesten have been picking those sour little apples and munching on them.
 Sometimes, Kesten and I squeal at the sourness and our faces pucker right up. Cedar seems unphased by the sourness, though.
 Sometimes, the apples don't even get picked before they are tasted. It is fun to watch Kesten use the apples in his imaginative play- serving us apples at the picnic tables, pretending to pick "green, pit-less cherries," doing target practice with the windfalls.
 And while the kids are busy in the fort, I get to wander through my garden a little bit. My wheat is ripening.

Boos likes to play lookout in the garden. The raspberries are turning red.

 The quinoa might actually blossom soon...
 And I caught this tiny little hen in the act of laying another egg today!
That makes two, tiny adorable eggs!
Mmm, I am enjoying this backyard time!

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