Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Summer Food

 The canner has been steaming away the last couple of weeks and I now have over 60 jars stored away for winter. Pickled beets and zucchini, strawberry-rhubarb and strawberry jam, strawberry syrup, huckleberry jam, and sweet zucchini relish.

 I went berry picking on the weekend and got some Saskatoons (top picture) and huckleberries (bottom picture).

 I'm not the biggest fan of Saskatoon berries. I find the seeds to be chewy and the pulp to be dry. But they do taste good in a pie!

 Kesten's sunflowers have reached massive proportions. Not the tallest we have ever grown, but maybe the largest seed heads. Well done, Farmer Kesten!
 Our squash are doing really well, and we just about got zucchni-ed out, before the plants took a little break. More to come in a day or two! This is my first time growing butternut squash and I have quite a few large specimens growing on the vine right now.
 And what a cute little surprise was waiting for us this morning! Our first egg from our chicks! They are only 3.5 months old and I wasn't expecting any eggs until September or October.

 It is so mini and adorable. I wonder if it has a yolk?
I'm glad to be getting eggs again. I always hate having to buy them from the store. Hopefully the other birds will jump on the egg-laying bandwagon. I wonder how many mini eggs it takes to make an omelet? 15?

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