Thursday, August 27, 2015

Home Canning

Well, to make up for my lack of posts for so long, here's another one.

I didn't do any canning last year. I guess having a newborn during the summer months was a good enough excuse. But I sure did miss all that homemade jam throughout the year. Well, this year has been a different story! It is August and I've got over 70 jars canned. I have the basement kitchen set-up as my own canning centre, and it has made the process quick and painless!

 So far, I have made strawberry syrup, strawberry jam, strawberry-rhubarb jam, huckleberry jam, nectarine jam, sweet zucchini relish, zucchini dill pickles, and pickled beets. Let me tell you a sad story about those last two. My husband had taken an empty vinegar bottle and filled it up with water to use as a weight. Well, somehow it made it back to the shelf where the regular vinegar would go and I used it for my zucchini pickles and pickled beets. The funny thing is, I never noticed that it didn't smell like vinegar until later I had to open another bottle of vinegar for something. But that was a week after my jars had been sealed and pickled with water. So all those had to go in the compost heap. Whimper. I plan on making some more pickled beets this week though. Now that I am sufficiently over the trauma.
 This afternoon, while the kids napped, I canned the salsa that I prepared last night from our own garden tomatoes.
I hope it tastes good! I think a few jars of apple butter and pickled beets will round off the canning year. How about you? Have you been attempting to can anything this year?


  1. Look at the bounty! Looks great! Sorry about the pickled beets and zucchini pickles!

  2. Wow that's fabulous!!! You're so lucky to have such an abundance of fresh food and the space to can and to store your canning! Well done. Home canning is such a wonderful luxury


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