Thursday, September 3, 2015

Fall Harvests

 There are so many apples on our tree, it feels like I will never be done picking them. We've been dehydrating them, and making pies and pie filling, and I hope to make some apple butter and apple juice.
 We picked Kesten's giant sunflower head to bring inside to dry. It is the biggest sunflower head I have ever seen! Way to go, Farmer Kesten!

 Next, we brought in our pumpkins and our butternut squash (that cross-pollinated with the pumpkins and are orange).

I think I will bring in a few onions in the next day or so, and grab more seeds to save from the peas, beans, broccoli, tomatoes, and flowers.

The lights are now on in the chicken coop. My three Salmon Faverolle chickens haven't started laying yet, and my little black hen, who was laying mini eggs, has gone broody and has stopped laying. Maybe a little extra light in the evenings will jump start the other three and we'll finally be getting eggs.
The days are cool and rainy and the leaves are starting to turn. Fall is in the air!

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