Sunday, September 27, 2015

More Mushroom Excursions

At this point, you may be a little sick about hearing about mushroom and lichen dyes. I get a little one-track minded when I discover something new and exciting. The thing is, mushroom and lichen dyeing involve three things that I love. 1) I get to go on treasure hunts in the woods, foraging for useful plants and materials. 2) I get to experiment/become a mad scientist as I learn how to make the dyes and how to use which mushrooms in which ways. 3) I get to craft and create! Once the dyes are discovered, I get to use my new yarn/fabric to create something beautiful and/or useful.
So, yesterday, I headed out on another excursion to collect some of those dye mushrooms I discovered last week. On the right, in the photo below, are Strap Coral Fungus, Clavariadelphus ligula, and they can make dyes from beige, light green, light brown, to greyish purple, depending on your mordant and pH.  To the left of those are possibly a form of Turkey Tail, Travetes versicolor. I'm not sure if these will make a dye, but I will check. I haven't seen them with purple on the underside before... And to the left of those are Fomes fomentarius, Tinder Polypore, which should give browns or olive. I am setting them out to dry until I have my fibre to dye.
 On this tray, I've got Rosy Gomphidius, Gomphidius subroseus. They should make beiges and browns.
I haven't been able to identify this one yet. Isn't it an amazing colour?
 Strap Coral Fungus up close.
There are so many kinds of mushrooms out there and growing in all sorts of places!

 Look at the purple edges.

 I saw this crevice in a bank and when I looked closer, I found a bird's nest inside.
 I wonder what kind of bird built their nest in there? I'll have to make inquiries.
And at the beginning of my walk, I stumbled upon this happy face! Some bug out there has a sense of humour. I'm so glad it wasn't a frowny face.

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